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Steve Stinger

Owner Operator

Steve’s passion for good grooming began in his pre-teen years. He often came home from the local barber shop to clean up and define the lines of his haircut to make it perfect. At 14 years of age, the entrepreneurial Steve was born. He set up a barber shop at home and started bringing his buddies over for the $10 perfectly defined cut. Steve ‘the barber’ was in demand throughout his high school years. The entrepreneurial Steve completed his passionate vision by opening ‘MENtality: Fine Grooming for the Man’, a men’s barber salon.

Jody Murray

Jody began his career as a licensed cosmetologist but quickly realized that his true passion was barbering. Pursuing his dreams he set forth on a journey to conquer the industry and in his wake blazed a path of innovation. A master barber for two decades, he strived for the ultimate title of Master Instructor. Along the way, he has perfected the art of barbering by his precision, technique, design and signature style. His collection of awards, trophies and degrees are just a token for his artistry, brilliance and proficiency. His deeds go well beyond the profession, involving himself within the community to ensure a better future for our youth. The goal of any great leader is to ensure that the troops are well trained, highly motivated and prepared for destiny. We at MENtality proudly present our leader, our general and our Master Instructor… Jody Murray PhD.


  • Graduated Empire Beauty School (Associate Degree)
  • Graduated Barber Training (Bachelors Degree)
  • Graduated Barber Manager (Masters Degree)
  • Graduated Barber Teacher (Ph. D)

Brittany McKeown

Brittany enrolled in cosmetology school in 2009 at Pulse Beauty Academy. Soon after, she began to explore the classic styles of men and quickly found her passion for barbering. Under our Master Barber, Joseph Murray, she embarked on her professional career in the industry. Don’t let the R.B.F. intimidate you as Brittany unleashes a level of creativity beyond her beauty. She specializes in timeless hairstyles, straight razor shaves, and beard designing. Known as the fadequeen, her royalty reigns supreme among the best in the industry. As our customer service manager she can ensure that the barbershop will be the best part of your day. We at MENtality are honored by her loyalty, work ethic, and dedication to excellence and proudly bow down to her Majesty.


Amanda began her illustrious career when she enrolled in cosmetology training in high school, graduating in 1997. She immediately gained recognition within the industry with her skin care and hair coloring brilliance, yet continued training as a barber. In 2001, she passed her state boards and leaped forward in the profession, crafting her skills in men’s hairstyling, coloring, skin care and straight razor shaving. With over 15 years of experience, her technique has revolutionized the path of barbering. With a combination of skill, technique and beauty, she will dazzle the senses and create a style for every client. We at MENtality are honored that Amanda chose to show us her talents and welcome all to experience the thrill.


Haylee has been cutting hair for 5 years now. She grew up around the business with a hairstylist for a mom. Once in high school she decided to follow her interest in hair and the cosmetology program at the Center for Arts and Technology at Pickering Campus. In 2012 she received her cosmetology license before she received her diploma. She also attended advisory committee meetings twice a year the program at Vo-Tech. After realizing her love for cutting men’s hair and finding a barbershop, she can finally say she loves what she does and WHERE she does it. Welcome to MENtality, Haylee!

Rick Luminella

Ricky began his barbering career 25 years ago rising through the degrees of discipline to become a Master Barber. Training under world renowned instructors, he has traveled throughout the east coast honing his technique and signature style. Known as a craftsman among his peers, his precision haircuts and traditional straight razor shaves as well as design, Ricky has recieved numerous awards and certificates. With his humbled approach and witty humor he will transform your ideas into a lasting image to fit your lifestyle. We at MENtality proudly present our newest addition to the staff and encourage all to take advantage of his skills.

Jesse Smith

Jesse found his way into the field of barbering when he was just 12 years old. He received a terrible haircut and decided he could do a much better job. A lot of Jesse’s friends would see his haircuts and after learning he did them himself they all began to ask Jesse to cut their hair as well. After years of cutting hair for fun Jesse decided to go to barber school so he could try to take his craft to the next level. He completed barber school and his skills had improved greatly so he started working in different shops through out Pennsylvania. Jesse then completed his barber manager course and became a Master Barber, and recently finished his schooling to become a licensed Pennsylvania barber teacher. Jesse loves the art of barbering and continues to learn and perfect the craft in which he is so passionate about. Over the past 10 years Jesse has studied under very gifted barbers and barber teachers and has worked with and performed haircut on people of all walks of life. Jesse specializes in fades, designs, timeless styles, and much more. He is a very versatile barber and he can cut every type, texture, and style of hair.


Jessi has been with MENtality off and on for the last four years. Her customer service is stellar and they love her great smile and professionalism. We hope to have Jessi here for a long time. Welcome Back Jessi!


Recently new to MENtality, Marika will be manning our Front Desk and Shampoo areas. Her smile, creativity and professional attitude are a welcoming asset to MENtality.


MENtality Shop Dog – Our clients love her!