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Jesse Smith - Barber at MENtality

Jesse Smith


Jesse found his way into the field of barbering when he was just 12 years old. He received a terrible haircut and decided he could do a much better job. A lot of Jesse’s friends would see his haircuts and after learning he did them himself they all began to ask Jesse to cut their hair as well. After years of cutting hair for fun Jesse decided to go to barber school so he could try to take his craft to the next level. He completed barber school and his skills had improved greatly so he started working in different shops through out Pennsylvania. Jesse then completed his barber manager course and became a Master Barber, and recently finished his schooling to become a licensed Pennsylvania barber teacher. Jesse loves the art of barbering and continues to learn and perfect the craft in which he is so passionate about. Over the past 10 years Jesse has studied under very gifted barbers and barber teachers and has worked with and performed haircut on people of all walks of life. Jesse specializes in fades, designs, timeless styles, and much more. He is a very versatile barber and he can cut every type, texture, and style of hair.

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